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Ann F Beach MD

I’m a Pediatric Hospitalist in Atlanta, Ga. I am particularly interested in the difficulties in diagnosis, cognitive errors, unusual pediatric illnesses and medical history. I present and write on these topics, as well as medical essays and memoirs.

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Sick Kids:




in Children

By Ann F Beach, MD

Usually, sick children are straightforward. The pediatrician makes the correct diagnosis without complications. Sometimes, there is a mystery involved, and the true diagnosis is not discerned until there have been many twists and turns along the way.  My book tells the stories of patients who ended up with a different diagnosis than their original one. Perfect medical mysteries, many of them with high stakes, were solved with a combination of attention to detail, diligence, intuition, years of experience, and the help of smart colleagues. Join me as I share the stories of these pediatric patients, who arrived at the hospital with one diagnosis, and went home with another. Learn about the tough decisions, the suspense, the myriad possibilities, and the tremendous satisfaction that go along with arriving at a correct diagnosis. Can you solve these real cases before I did? Manuscript in final revisions.

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