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The serious bio (of the doctor you’d want to take care of your sick child):

Dr. Beach provided pediatric care to families for over 39 years. After medical school at Wake Forest University School of Medicine and pediatric residency at NC Baptist Hospital, she spent her early career as a pediatrician in private practice in LaGrange, GA. She then moved to Atlanta and practiced in Cobb County for several years, later joining a primary care practice with Kaiser Permanente in 1988. She developed expertise in the diagnosis of child abuse and testified in court as an expert witness innumerable times. In 1995 she started Kaiser’s new hospitalist program at Scottish Rite Hospital where she practiced as a pediatric hospitalist for several years. In 2000, Dr. Beach joined Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta as VP of Medical Management to provide leadership support in Quality, Outcomes Measures, Peer Review, Utilization Review, and Credentialing. In 2005 Ann returned to her first love, patient care, and joined SRPAC (Scottish Rite Pediatric and Adolescent Consultants) at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta as a hospitalist. She had a special interest in Munchausen’s by Proxy (now called medical child abuse) as well as diagnostic dilemmas and rare diseases. She enjoyed teaching and in 2014, Dr. Beach received the Morehouse Teacher of the Year Award. She held the position of Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics, Emory University School of Medicine, and Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics, Morehouse School of Medicine. In Feb 2021, she retired, and is happily working on a book about medical mysteries in children.

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The fun bio (of the person you’d want to go out for a drink and talk about writing with):

It all started with the pet monkey. Or was it the pet goat, snake, duck, rabbit and lizard? Or the college summer hitchhiking with a backpack in Europe? Or the day she was stuck in an elevator for a loooong time? Or when she learned about improv comedy and performed on stage? Anyway, life has never been dull for Ann. And she has the stories to prove it.

Ann Beach is a pediatric hospitalist turned writer, a lover of diagnostic dilemmas, a student of the history of medicine. She was lucky enough to have a wonderful 39 year medical career, and enjoyed almost every day of it. While working she dabbled in writing and had several essays published. Now retired, she has turned her attention to completing a long dreamed of book on pediatric medical mysteries, and a series of essays on medical history. And the memoirs of the craziness that was growing up.

There’s plenty going on to keep her busy, now that she has discovered life outside the hospital. She meets weekly with The Fearless Writers, who keep her motivated and let her know if her writing makes sense. She’s in three book clubs and reads incessantly. She and her husband live in Atlanta, love to travel, and dream of a second home in Savannah. Their grown son lives close enough for visits.  Two busy pointers demand attention and frisbee tosses. And she’s looking for that next weird pet.


How lucky! I always wanted to be a doctor, and got to do that for my entire career! 

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